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Wave II Pump

Popular medium pressure pump for high volume needs in open filter designs. One of the most popular pumps sold by W Lim. Consider the Wave II High Speed or the Dragon High Speed pump when head pressure is 18 feet or more.

Includes quality Marathon motor, 6 foot cord for 115v, 2 inch PVC Pipe Schedule 40 inlet/outlets with disconnect unions. 3-Way discharge positions makes this pump easy to connect plumbing too. 3 Year limited warranty on motor.


Item # Description GPH/Head Weight Max. Amps @115v Max Watts Price
0504 Wave II 1/4 hp 5850 GPH / 9.24 ft. head 31 lbs. 3.25 Amps 367W $609.00
0505 Wave II 1/3 hp 7140 GPH / 4.0 ft. head 31 lbs 3.1 Amps 406W $639.00
0506 Wave II 1/2 hp NEW 115v-208v-230v Commerical Grade & Industrial Grade 7632 gph / 10.39 ft. head 35 lbs. 5.87 Amps 630W 699.00
0508 Wave II 1 hp 8601 gph / 4.62 ft. head 48 lbs. 5.8 Amps 670W $779.00
0508EX Wave II 1 hp Plus 9120 gph / 13.86 ft. head 49 lbs. 7.72 Amps 888W $889.00



These prices from our 2011 catalog. Pump prices using Baldor Motor.

W. Lim Products cares about its customers. We have been maintaining our prices low. Our current pump prices are even LOWER than our 2011 catalog.

If you have a copy of our catalog you can verify that the information
is true by looking at page 12.



  • Industrial Marathon Motor custom built for W. Lim Corp.
  • Worldwide electrical capability - 115v/230v, 50/60Hz
  • TEFC 1425/1725 RPM motor
  • 3 year Limited Warranty on the motor
  • Salt water stainless shaft
  • Salt water resistant (corrosion Epoxy paint added on)
  • Wet-end built with stainless steel screws
  • Strong glass filled with ABS injection housing
  • 3-way discharge positions for less restriction
  • Custom designed for whisper quiet operation
  • High flow 2" ports (installing a check valve 18" below the waterline will give better performance)
  • 2 quick disconnect unions (included)
  • Pre-wired for 115v, Now with 8 foot industrial power cord at no extra cost
  • Emergency thermal protection shut-off
  • Custom built 3-phase available (60Hz)
NEW Pump Curve build with MARATHON MOTOR


New motor 1.0 HP is very strong 115V is 8.6 amps. We are only using 5.8 amps we need to design a new impeller to give you the largest performance; when you need it. 1/2 HP & 1 HP gives you the best operation, it can operate a bead filter. More pressure than any other pump and both are Energy Efficient. The new Marathon Motor took many years to develop in order to give strongest Pressure and Highest Efficiency.

The 50Hz curve above was tested with the generator below

OLD pump Curve build with Baldor Motor