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Our Manufactured Products and More

Our koi pond filters, pumps, sterilizers and other equipment may be purchased through any of these internet suppliers, or directly through us - the manufacturer.

W Lim Store www.wlimstore.com.com
Adams Aquatics www.adamsaquatics.com
Aquarium Specialty, Inc. www.aquariumspecialty.com
Aqua Wave Pumps www.aquawavepumps.com
Champion Nishikigoi www.champkoi.com
Columbia Water Gardens www.columbiawatergardens.com
Down to Earth Landscapes www.raleighlandscape.com
Firstcomp Koi www.firstcompkoipond.com
Genki Nishikigoi www.genkikoi.com
Inland Koi www.inlandkoi.com
Koi Enterprise www.koienterprise.com
Koi Stuff www.koi-stuff.com
Laguna Koi Ponds www.lagunakoi.com
Las Cruces Koi www.lascruceskoi.com
Nature's Touch Ponds www.naturestouchponds.com
Not Just fish www.notjustfish.com
Pentair Aquatic Habitats www.aquaticecosystems.com
Sky N Land Corp-2 www.Skynlandcorp-2.com
The Koi Supply www.thekoisupply.com

If you would like to become a distributor of the Wave Line of Koi products, please contact us for more information.