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Bio Wave Plus 3-Pack System

The Bio Wave Plus Filter is a high quality, energy efficient and high performing filter. It is designed to preserve the delicate useful bacteria during backwash and to provide a large surface area for the bacteria to live and flourish. The Bio Wave Plus Filter utilizes a specail backwashing technique using a blower system that agitates the water to produce "tumbling" during backwash. The blower pushes air into the water to cause all the Bio Wave Media to mix and tumble. This results in cleaning old bio flocks that are attached to each piece while presierving the useful bacteria within the filter. The Bio Wave Plus Fiulter backwashes remarkably with any low amperage pump.

EPA EST. No. 84519-CA-001

Item # Description UV Requirements Max Pond Size Price
0011 Bio Wave Plus" 6000 Gal, 3 Pack (1/4 HP Dragon Pump, 2-Lamp Sky Hawk Model 10  UV, Bio Wave Plus Model 36 Filter) Wave Power UVS-10 6000 Gal $4689.00
0012 Bio Wave Plus 8000 Gal, 3 Pack ( 1/3 HP Dagon Pump,  2-Lamp Sky Hawk Model 20 UV, Bio Wave Plus Model 48 Filter) Wave Power UVS-20 8000 Gal $5229.00
0013 Bio Wave Plus 10000 Gal, 3 Pack ( 3/4 = I/2 HP Dragon Pump, 2-Lamp Sky Hawk  Model 40 UV, Bio Wave Plus Model 60 Filter) Wave Power UVS-20 10,000 Gal $5599.00

Stronger UV, more killing power to help keep desease out of your pond.